Welcome to the Cyberhug Awards

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Warning, the following information could be contagious!

Do you know someone that could do with a hug? We all need the comfort of an embrace now and then, but what do you do if that person is far away from you and you can’t get to them, or just because you like their blog and want to let them know you appreciate them? The answer of course is to nominate them for a Cyberhug to show you care. Winners will get a special ‘Cyberhug Award Certificate’ to let them know a hug from someone has wound it’s way to them on Cyberspace. Spread the love, pass them on as many times as you like.

The following is an unpaid service announcement:



  1. Anyone who’s human (and cats, I’ll accept cats although they don’t really like being squeezed much).
  2. Submit a small paragraph on why they need a hug.
  3. Provide their email address and their url. If you know a very special human being who could do with a hug from you, nominate them to show you care by sending your submission in the comments below, or if they’re a blogger, post so they can see it. Or if you’re really sneaky you can download it onto your computer, and post or email it. I don’t mind *sniff*
The Cyrberhug Awards
The Cyberhugawards Award

4. Winners (that would be everyone that’s nominated) will get an Official Cyberhug Award Certificate (see above) through email. Display it or the Official Seal on your website (impress your friends!), or possibly even print it out if you’re really lonely. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Cyberhug Gift Certificates-page-0
Cyberhug Gift Certificates

  1. Successful Nominees will be eligible to enter the draw to win a truly special set of 3 Cyberhug Gift Certificates (see above) for Free Hugs (how good is that?!). Priority will be given to those who have either gone above and beyond to help people out, are amazing, or need more than one hug.
  2. The Draw shall be announced each week on a day of my choosing (depending if I get out of bed or not), or another day or just when the mood takes me.


Disclaimer – Cyberhugs can only be delivered through cyberspace so no actual hugs shall be entered into with the aforementioned nominees. Cyberhugs can be continued around cyberspace in continuance, so pass them on as much as possible. The contract created between the huger and the hugee may continue into perpetuity as long as the aforementioned Cyber Gift Certificates are activated whenever the hugee wishes. Remember, you are a special human being.

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